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balanced tuner - one of the best!
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If you want a balanced tuner there are not that many options - current or vintage  - the Johnson Matchbox, the KW Eezeematch, and MFJ now offer a balanced tuner.  However, if you want the poodle's privates then there's the  SEM Tranzmatch, made on the Isle of Man.  Now these don't tend to come on the market very often as they never burn out and perform wonderfully, people who have them love them and use them and never part with them.

This SEM Tranzmatch has 160m coverage and the Ezitune noise bridge circuit - who needs an SWR meter, simple to use, elegant and unbeatable without the need to key up that valve PA stage.

It will tune end fed wires etc but it really shines when using balanced feeders to a doublet or loop. Tuning is quick and reproducible. It nearly always copes with 100watts - on a few settings it objects but these can be noted and avoided.

The direct setting bypasses the tuner. This is handy if you're tuning down to medium wave for broadcast stations, navtex, 500khz ham etc, as I find at these very low frequencies you get better results bypassing the tuner.

Ezitune needs 12v at 25mA (centre positive ) Its quite big  at circa 8.5 x 4.5 inches and heavy too, but you guessed that from the photos of the beefy internal construction.   Tis ATU has a perfect front panel and rear panel with no bodginess having been performed and as you can see the interior componentry is high grade and capable of handling high power too, the outside casing has a couple of light scratches conversant with other devices being stored on top of it but nothing too worrisome - just minor wear.

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